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Danville All Wars Memorial

A living memorial for those who died and those men and women who returned. This is a socratic solution, not a place to worship a symbolic icon. It questions our ability to cope with deep personal sacrifice and helps us resolve our dilemma. Unlike memorials to the dead, this will be an experience for the survivors of war.

This experience begins upon an upward climb to a healing space nested in a spiral grouping of live oak trees. The spiral path, a metaphor for the rhythm of life, gently rises with the sloping site. Along the path to the ceremonial space are two soldiers. One is wounded and the other helps him reach the healing place.

As the spiral path winds higher, we come to a place of elements: earth, stone, and metal. Atop the low stone wall bordering the path are inscriptions and bas-relief panels, seen as you look outward over the land. The liberation panels are of local people's experiences of war, gathered and developed in community meetings.

The path culminates in the space of reflection and liberation. The spiral pavement of polished stone reflects you as you kneel to touch...

Record-Bee Newspaper article regarding the memorial

View Conceptual Sketch with Highlighted Elements

View Memorial Construction Step-By-Step

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