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Nordhammer Art Foundry is a full-service foundry, organized in 1979 by Master Foundryman, Rolf Kriken. The foundry's staff and range of services have expanded rapidly to meet the increased demand by artists and collectors of bronze sculpture. Today, Nordhammer is one of California's foremost foundries.

Nordhammer's team of artisans, moldmakers, and skilled metal-workers can be counted on for quality casting, moldmaking, chasing, and patinations. Our staff artisans have the ability to render sculptures and pencil sketches, to enlarge artists macquettes to any size and to achieve surfaces respective of the original. Nordhammer pour-capacity of molten bronze is such that large sculptures can be cast in fewer sections than by other small-pour foundries on the West Coast. Our moldmakers and wax-workers are experts. Our equipment in all areas is up-to-date and includes a computer-controlled large capacity kiln. Our technical crew can also design inner structures and supports for large-scale sculptures. We work closely with nationally known sculptors, architects, and corporate patrons. We are available to take a concept from its beginning to final installation. Please note that Nordhammer is a fully-insured facility; further coverage is available for large-scale projects.

Please view our portfolios which illustrate Nordhammer's range of services.



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